Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions herein are agreed between TCI VISTA & Modern Information Technology limited liability corporation, hereinafter referred to as TCI VISTA, party of the first part, and any physical person or moral entity:

- making a purchase through the TCI VISTA web site or Mobile APP, hereinafter referred to as the BUYER, party of the second part;

- browsing the TCI VISTA website or mobile APP, with the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter, hereinafter called VISITOR, party of the second part.


The terms of sale herein govern the contractual relationship between TCI VISTA and the BUYER, as well as any purchase made through the TCI VISTA commercial web site/mobile APP, whether the BUYER is a corporation or an individual; as well as the general terms and conditions of use of the TCI VISTA website or mobile APP for any VISITOR browsing the said site.

The acquisition of goods or services through the TCI VISTA web site / mobile APP implies that the BUYER unreservedly accepts the terms of sale herein

The terms of sale herein prevail over any other general or specific terms which have not been expressly approved by TCI VISTA.

TCI VISTA reserves the right to modify the terms of sale herein at any time. In this case, the applicable terms shall be those in effect on the date of the purchase order by the BUYER.

Use of the site or mobile APP

The content of the site/mobile APP TCI VISTA can be consulted by the visitor/buyer for strictly personal, private and non-collective use, freely for free content, in return for a purchase or subscription for paid content.

The same applies to RSS feeds and newsletters. It is strictly forbidden to reuse or market this content in a professional or commercial context, except with the express agreement of TCI VISTA. Companies wishing to reuse the content of the site are invited to contact us at info@TCIVISTA.com.

Characteristics of the goods and services offered for sale

The goods and services offered for sale are those contained in the catalogue displayed on the TCI VISTA web site or mobile APP.

These products are offered for sale while supplies last. If, despite TCI VISTA’ vigilance, any product becomes unavailable, TCI VISTA will notify the BUYER by email to that effect as soon as the corresponding order is received.


Prices are listed on the TCI VISTA web site in US Dollars.

TCI VISTA reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, with the understanding that exclusively the prices listed in the catalogue at the time of purchase shall be applicable to the BUYER.

The listed prices include order processing costs.


The BUYER is solely responsible for any applicable local tax and duties and TCI VISTA is not held to notify the BUYER of applicable local regulations.


One will define below as CART the intangible object gathering the whole of the Products selected by the BUYER of the Site in view of a purchase

having clicked on these elements. In order to proceed with his order, the Customer chooses the Product(s) he wishes to order by adding them to his CART whose content can be modified at any time.

To make a purchase on the TCI VISTA web site or mobile APP, the BUYER must:

- Complete the identification form with the requested contact information or customer ID number if applicable;

- Complete the online order form with all of the reference numbers for the items selected for purchase;

- Validate the order after having verified its accuracy.

- Make payment according to the specified terms and conditions.

- Confirm the purchase order and payment order.

All of the provided information and the registered order constitute proof of the transaction. Confirmation by the BUYER signifies signature and acceptance of the concerned transactions.

After the BUYER has completed a purchase order, TCI VISTA will send the BUYER a confirmation email.

Orders are processed by TCI VISTA Customer Service within 24 hours of the first working day following the date of the purchase order, except during the Sundays & holiday period.

TCI VISTA reserves the right to cancel any order by a BUYER who is late with payment or who is party to an unresolved dispute with regard to a previous order.

The BUYER has the right to modify the order until the date of dispatch of the ordered items, by contacting TCI VISTA Customer Service.

Faithful copies of purchase orders and invoices are archived by TCI VISTA on a reliable and robust medium in compliance for record keeping.

TCI VISTA’ archives are considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties to the purchase.

Customer Service

For all information or questions, TCI VISTA Customer Service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., by telephone at 649-232-1994, or by email at info@tcivista.com.




Payment is required at the time of ordering and must be made exclusively by wallet balance, bank debit or credit card, using the secure SSL protocol payment system to ensure that transmitted data is software encrypted and that no third party can intercept this data during transmission on the network.

Exclusively international credit or debit cards are accepted for cards issued by banks domiciled outside Turks & Caicos.

No discount is due to the BUYER.

A paid invoice receipt will be sent to the BUYER along with the ordered product.


The indicated delivery time is an estimate. If delivery takes longer than 15 days from the date of order, the BUYER may request the termination of the sale agreement and full reimbursement. However, no damages or penalties of any kind will be due as a result of a delay


TCI VISTA is held only to an obligation of means in the online sale process. TCI VISTA’ may not be held liable for any prejudice or damage resulting from the use of the Internet network, such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, service breakdown or other problems outside of its control.


Intellectual Property

All documents and every constitutive element on the TCI VISTA web site or mobile APP are the exclusive intellectual property of TCI VISTA.

The reproduction, exploitation, redistribution or use of all or part of any visual, auditory or software element or document from the TCI VISTA web site or mobile APP is strictly prohibited.

Simple or hypertext links to the TCI VISTA web site or Mobile APP are strictly prohibited without explicit prior approval from TCI VISTA.



Personal data

TCI VISTA nominative information relative to the BUYER collected on the site is necessary to place an order and is intended for TCI VISTA Customer Service in order to process the order. In consequence, this information may be processed by an automated system.

The BUYER/ VISITOR has the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning him/her in accordance with the GDRP.

For more information about how TCI VISTA processes your personal data, your access rights to this data and cookies, we invite you to consult our page dedicated to personal data.



Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The sales terms and conditions herein are subject to Turks & Caicos law. The official language of this agreement is English.

In case of dispute, the Turks & Caicos Islands courts are competent.


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